Discover Top 25 Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

How to prepare a perfect compare and contrast essay? The best way is to start by defining that specific assignment. It is a type of academic task given to students to help them learn to find differences and similarities between things, people, events, etc. There are three types of them. Thematically, they may either focus on differences, similarities or both. While differences stand for the compare part, likenesses belong to the contrast part. You’d rather write a combined essay as almost all things in the world have something in common while being different. Besides, by mentioning both parts of the dichotomy, you show up how knowledgeable you are about the subject.

On the whole, a typical outline for such type of paper looks as follows

  1. Introduction
  2. Subject 1 and subject 2: Similarities
  3. Subject 1 and subject 2: Differences
  4. Summary: Are there more differences or common features?
  5. Bibliography (optional)

The majority of students prefer choosing topics on their own while some might find it difficult to come up with interesting ideas to write about. We have developed a list of 25 good topics for a comparison and contrast essay for those who are in trouble finding the right one. We have divided them into different categories so that you won’t get lost.

Choosing Topics for Comparison and Contrast Essay

Before you choose one of the assignments or come up with your own ideas, feel free to check the list below:

  • Learn your subject.
  • Brainstorm possible ideas with friends.
  • Use your devices or library to conduct research.
  • Check the available sources.
  • Learn what other people are saying.
  • Run this by your teacher.

Cross out each idea from your comparison and contrast essay topics list that does not correspond to these criteria: researchable, interesting, up-to-date, relevant, narrow.

Now, it is time to share the greatest research questions with you!

Political Science and Historical Essay Topics

The political and historical topics may include various historical figures, political authorities, regimes, history events, etc.

  1. The President of the United States vs. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  2. Northern and Southern American before the Civil War.
  3. Differences between Two Cultures: Japan and China.
  4. Monarchy or the Presidential Republic?
  5. Features of Nazism (Italy) and Fascism (Germany).

Compare and Contrast Paper Topics for Starters

If you are writing such a paper for the first time, you may need this list of compare and contrast topics for starters:

  1. Comparing the consequences of taking drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  2. Sexual harassment at work and high school bullying: The connection.
  3. Living in poor districts of the US instead of living in LA wealthiest areas.
  4. Urban life and life in villages.
  5. Contrasting a tomato and cucumber.

Battle of the Opposites Essay Topics Ideas

In the battle of the opposites essay topics, you may discuss, for instance, who would win in a Marvel’s battle and why.

  1. Batman vs. Superman battle: Who would win? (with examples from a DC movie).
  2. Why do the villains usually lose in tales?
  3. The white population of the United States and Afro-Americans.
  4. Liberals in the US Congress vs. Democrats.
  5. Heavy metal music vs. soft pop music.

Teenage Compare and Contrast Essays

In your teenage compare and contrast essays, you may talk about the problems relevant to an average teen.

  1. Studying at school vs. entering college.
  2. Finding differences between expository and narrative writing.
  3. What is the more significant problem: anorexia or obesity?
  4. Dating a guy of your age instead of dating someone older.
  5. Using tons of makeup or trying to make it through using natural beauty.

IT and Social Media Essay Topics

The most challenging part here is to select IT and social media essay topics. What can you use as a focus of your compare and contrast while studying information technologies and the related subjects? Here are some of the top ideas offered by the tutors who work with our professional writing team:

  1. Different programming languages (e.g., Java vs. Python). Which one is more complicated to master and why?
  2. Social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Why is each of the given items equally crucial for online business?
  3. Microsoft personal computers (Windows-based) vs. Apple’s computers running on macOS.
  4. Comparing and contrasting various approaches to graphical design.
  5. The best website for launching your own business (several platforms to compare and contrast).

After observing these topics for a comparison and contrast essay, we hope that it will be easier for you to make a choice. If your teacher insists on a specific topic, do not argue. Perhaps, you will be provided with some good, accessible sources, which in turn is fine since it saves you plenty of time on your research.

Anyway, now you know how to pick a comparison and contrast essay topics for college students based on our recommendations. If you have no topic assigned by your tutor and you are in trouble finding one, place an order and rest assured — we can help you score best!

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