How to Write a Research Paper: A Detailed Guide

Some students feel inspired when they get a writing assignment. It is an opportunity to show their knowledge, research skills and to impress their teachers. Some students, however, don’t have a clear idea about how to create a paper that will show their competence. How to write a good research paper?

That’s why, here, we have selected some useful tips and professional pieces of advice, that will help any student in the complicated writing process. Check how to write a research paper step by step instruction and many useful tips and tricks here, in this article.

How to Start a Research Paper, or Hook Your Reader from the First Line

Actually, have you already asked with which part you should start your paper? Does it require a thesis? As a rule, a thesis is required. However, you better inquire about the thesis, if you should write it. However, let us suppose, that your teacher allowed you starting with an introduction. Are there particular things that you might want to mention here?

When you think of how to write an introduction for a research paper, you have all chances to discover, that it is far not so simple as your expectations were. Everybody wants to make something extraordinary out of it. So explain, what is the interest for your reader in this paper? Why should he read it till the end? What global or local problems does the paper discuss and solve?

Make it easy-to-read, but don’t be too primitive. A non-specialist should be able to understand why you are writing the paper, but your readers are not kids. Just write in a normal language. That will make them trust you and want to pay special attention to your work.

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper, or How to Hook Your Reader

Not so many students have experience in writing papers, that’s why this kind of task might cause some complications. However, in this part, you provide a short and clear explanation of your work target. That sounds much simpler now, doesn’t it? How to write a thesis statement for a research paper? Usually, you write it before an introduction or after it, depending on what your teacher wants to see there.

How to Write the Body of a Research Paper, or Give Your Opinion and Discuss It

Now, you reached the main part of your work, where you discuss everything. How many body paragraphs should a research paper have? Well, it might have as many paragraphs as you need, the main target is to prove your ideas. But there are other requirements that allow you to structure and organize your paper in an easy-to-read manner.

How to start the body of a research paper? Well, you just start with the main idea, with its detailed explanation. Yes, you have done it in an introduction, but there, it was just a short description. Here, in the main part, you provide the idea in all its details, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Discuss each new idea in a new paragraph. Give arguments, counter-arguments and expert opinion. Highlight your central idea. Is it the same or does it differs from the commonly accepted view? If expert opinions prove your idea, make sure you mention why your idea is stronger than those that have been provided in other sources.

Check if the transitions from one paragraph to another are smooth enough. If they aren’t, consider removing or adding a paragraph. Otherwise, your paper will not sound logical and will make a wrong impression.

Use research results, statistical data, graphs, tables. Everything that helps you to show your idea, to illustrate it and to prove it, is an advantage. It makes your paper look better and persuade your reader. As well, it makes your idea clearer to those who aren’t specialists in the field.

How to End a Research Paper Correctly

After the main part is ready, you start with the conclusion writing. Some students believe that the main challenge is over. But how mistaken they are! A lousy conclusion can spoil the impression from an excellent paper.

So, how to write a conclusion for a research paper? Actually, in conclusion, you make the final statement about your writing. What were your targets? Were they achieved? Which consequences might the paper have for the society or a college? In conclusion, you make your reader understand what the paper was about, even though the reader might not have read it.

How to Cite in a Research Paper, or Citation Styles and Their Specific Features

Now, after you have written the paper’s content, you have to deal with an exceptional paper’s part: a bibliography, or a list of references. And this is the part that is hated by most students, doesn’t matter if they love writing and if they have proper writing skills.

Students hate this part because it doesn’t have any connection with the writing process. Here, your success depends on your knowledge in a particular field, your attention to details and your patience. Do you know how to cite sources in a research paper? If not, here, you might find a lot of interesting tips that will be very helpful in creating a refined reference list. If yes, this information will be extremely helpful in making you more confident. You can just make sure, once more, that you are right. So, the most common citation styles are:

  • APA, which is used in Psychology, Education, as well as Sciences.
  • MLA, which is used for Humanities studies.
  • Chicago style, which is used for History, Business, Fine Arts.

If you use APA style, you should provide:

  • The author’s last name, followed by a comma.
  • Abbreviated first name, followed by a full stop.
  • Date of publication, followed by a full stop.
  • Name of the work, in italics, followed by a full stop.
  • Publisher.

If you use MLA style, you should provide:

  • The name of the author.
  • The title.
  • Version, if available.
  • Publisher.
  • The publication date.
  • Location.

If you use Chicago style, you should provide:

  • The name and the surname of the author.
  • The source title.
  • Publisher data.
  • The publication year.
  • Pages numbers.


Writing a research paper is a complicated and very responsible task. This paper shows your achievements at the end of some stage of your studies. That’s why you should approach this task with the maximum of responsibility.

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